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OUR Different Kinds of tree services offered in warwick rHODE ISLAND

tREE removal

tree service in warwick ri

Rolon is well equipped to remove all kinds and size of trees at any given volumes.Every job is well planned and executed to its perfection without causing any damage to the environment and its surroundings.we do both residental and commercial services

TREE trimming

We trim and prune the trees with the latest trimming tools to remove the unwanted branches at a affordable cost as a part of good care and maintanence

TREE shaping

We do shaping in order to make it to grow in its right directions so that it does not go out out of shape.It is done in early stages to make sure it grows and branches out well to give you maximum benefits

TREE reduction

It is done inorder to reduce the size of the trees where it may touch electric poles or other kinds of poles.So in that case we offer reduction services to avoid further problems associated with it.

stump grinding

stumps are grinded to clean up the area and to make the tree surface flat and freeup the space.We have got the right machineries in order to do effective stump grinding within a short period of time

stump removal

If you want the roots to be taken out from the soil,we can remove the stumps for you or else you can leave the roots to rot and get decayed as it feeds the microbes in the soil.we have got the heavy machinery to do the job perfectly.


We also offer maintenance services where it can get affected by pest attacks.we can also revive the tree from various diseases or if it gets affected by stunted growth

emergency services

Rolon can serve you in emergency suitations or during severe storm damages where trees get uprooted and affected severely


Rolon offers premium quality services which is delivered by a highly experienced team in warwick area,Rhode Island.we have hundreds of satisfied customers who have chosen Rolon for their tree service needs and we have delivered excellent services to the households.Equipped with latest techniques and machinery we are able to deliver fast and effective results.

It  is always risky but our expertise in this tree service field is immense and we can handle all kinds of tree jobs and finish it to its perfection by mitigating all the risks involved in it.Every household in warwick has got trees and it has to be maintained periodically by shaping and pruning it to maintain its beauty.We also undertake maintenance contracts to maintain healthier state by managing various pests attacks and diseases.

If your tree is not healthier,just contact us ,we have got arborist who can assess the condition and treat it with appropriate nutrients to restore it to a better state because it can spread to other trees and can cause a huge damage.So,Immediate steps has to be taken to save it from the infection and it often happens in aged ones.

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Highlights of Rolon tree service in warwick:

While large trees can be very beneficial to have in many neighborhoods today, there are still some inherent problems that come from having it, and that is all of the required care. Having said this, if you have trees that need the appropriate care, you may want to schedule an appointment with Rolon tree Technicians to assist you with maintenance services right away. Rolon offers a wide range of beneficial tree services including those that have been listed for you below

Removing Rotten TREES from the Yard:

Nothing is more appealing than a large beautiful healthy tree in the front yard of any home. However, when that same tree begins to become rotten, nothing may look worse to the homeowner. Thankfully,Rolon can help to assist you in their inspections and removal wherever it is necessary. For instance, if the technician inspects any tree, they usually know when it can be revived with a certain amount of care or, if it is rotten or hazardous that needs to be removed from the property. Removing it from your property may not be as simple as you may think. This is because there are certain types of skills, experience, and expertise required to do this kind of work. These skills and experience are essential for numerous reasons including removing it correctly and safely from the area where it is located.

Removing Unsightly and Hazardous TREE Stumps:

If you are residing in a home that has a lot of trees on the yard, you need to make sure that you do not have large tree stumps on the ground too. Even though stumps may not appear to present a problem, the can be an accident waiting to happen. In fact, a tree stump is not only unattractive to the potential buyer but also seen as a safety hazard that needs to be removed without delay. By calling in Rolon tree professionals, we can remove it and then send it through the process of stump grinding.

Treating TREE Infestations:

Based on the health of a tree, it can breed diseases and infestations. In some cases, if a professional service is contacted it can be saved with the right treatment. Therefore,you can contact Rolon to assist you with a proper solution, they are not only trained in the removal of infected ones from your land but we will also inspect each tree to see if it is possible to save them. For instance, if a specialist finds a tree which is infected with insects, they have the expertise to ensure that these do not become a liability to the homeowner. Hence with the right type of disease management, it can be treated and monitored until they are healthy enough to sustain themselves.


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