8 Reasons Why You should prune the trees

You’ve probably been told that pruning your trees can be highly beneficial, but you don’t know why. There are indeed several good reasons why you should be pruning your trees, here they are:

1. Pruning makes your trees healthier

It makes sense to prune off diseased branches to stop the disease from adversely affecting the rest of the tree. If the branches are dying or are infested by harmful insects that could harm the rest of the tree, they’re better off pruned to save the life of your tree. Besides, you’ll realize that you’re saving a lot of money because you have fewer branches to spray with insecticides.

2. It can be used to suppress or stimulate growth

How you prune your trees can affect how they grow. Do you want to promote new growth? Just prune your trees more sparsely. On another hand, if you want to suppress the growth of your trees, you can opt for a more aggressive pruning exercise that aims at getting rid of as many branches as possible.

3. Pruned trees look beautiful

If you want your trees to stay healthy and look beautiful at the same time, you might want to opt for pruning than anything else. Obviously, getting rid of overcrowded branches makes the entire tree good to look at. When the trimming and pruning are done artistically, you will end up with beautifully shaped trees that make your fence or garden look attractive.

4. It makes trees safer

When low hanging branches become too large, they prove hazardous to anything below them, especially during stormy weather. Branch overgrowth on smaller trees can damage foliage on other smaller trees and even block sidewalks. The best solution around this is to hire a professional to prune your trees.

5. Increases sunlight penetration

Overcrowded branches do a major disservice to adjacent smaller plants by blocking most of the sunlight in their path. And if there are no plants immediately below the branches, it could mean the region is entirely unfit for planting anything. With eventual removal of the unwanted branches, existing and new plants will have access to sunlight and thrive.

6. It protects the tree

If you don’t want your trees to be destroyed by goats and other animals that like to go after low hanging branches, you can decide to prune off the branches for the sake of protecting the tree from those animals.

7. It’s great for landscaping

Sometimes the overall look of the landscape is more important than anything else on the land, and one of the ways of improving the appearance of the landscape could be doing some maintenance on trees. Pruning is one of the tree maintenance steps you can take to improve the appearance of your trees and the landscape in general.

8. Can be good for your health as well

There is that season when caterpillars invade trees of a species of their preference and begin releasing those hair allergens in the air. If you are allergic to caterpillar hairs, you would want to relocate to another residence. Pruning off the branches can be an excellent way of discouraging the wayward caterpillars if you can’t get the right insecticide at the time.